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The ultimate objective of the service is to create liquidity, ensure financial stability for operations and third party confidence in the client company

The offering is structured to play an important role as part of the boardroom strategic advisory team on all matters affecting the company’s development and growth, advising on any planned strategic moves such as mergers, acquisitions and disposals and developing and executing appropriate financial solutions. Our financial advisory activities include advice on: equity issuance; balance sheet restructuring; and business appraisals (valuations).

Our Corporate Finance unit works with clients on a number of areas such as: capital structure; distribution policy; liquidity; cost of capital; value drivers and risk management. The team provides an outside view to senior executives in order to drive value-enhancing decisions. The aim of our dialogue is to arrive at definitive actionable decisions implementable in specific timeframes to drive corporate value.

Our in-depth expertise extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions, including asset purchases and dispositions, restructurings and reorganizations. With our strong relationships with many of the leading international financial institutions we aim to assist clients in the implementation of any agreed strategic decisions.

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